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Pure blue Yamada Nishiki Original

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The major features of "Pure Blue Yamada Nishiki" are the addition of yeast and the burning of bottles. The fact that no yeast is added means that the yeast fermented with the yeast that lives in the brewery.

"Pure blue" is mainly raw, but this sake is intentionally burned. The sake is bottled and fired in a bottle, but I feel a faint gas feeling like raw sake. A sweet scent of citrus and a little banana. It has a rich flavour, characteristic acidity, and a beautiful liquor.

Rice: Yamada Nishiki from Kasai City, Hyogo Prefecture ■ Rice polishing rate: 60% ■ Alcohol content: 16 degrees ■ Sake degree: +3.0 ■ Acidity: 1.6

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