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Lol Shiki Sensation Junmai Blue Label

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LOL Shiki Sake Brewery's "Sensation" is a standard product that is sold throughout the year, which is rare in LOL Shiki, which has many limited edition items.

The blue label is a product that was sold only in Shiga prefecture until recent years. It was a product that was out of reach even at Sanoya, which handles a lot of laughter four seasons. It became popular as a product that you can enjoy drinking and comparing with black labels and white labels ♪

The blue label gives the impression that the refreshing sweetness of eating fruits spreads juicy, which is different from the feeling of tightening like black and the feeling of mellowness like white.

Rice: Ferry from Koka City, Shiga Prefecture ■ Rice polishing rate: 50% ■ Alcohol content: 16 degrees ■ Sake degree: Private ■ Acidity: Private

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