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Kojimaya Untitled Ichi #1

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- Kura Master Jury Prize
- IWC 2021: Commendation

The elemental form of the four-step brewing method, Untitled #01 has a light yet complex flavour. Sweet nectarine aromas, melon and cherry flavours with a hint of yuzu peel. Complex, velvety texture, crisp smooth finish.

Within contemporary sake you will find categories such as junmai and daiginjo. Kojimaya challenges and questions the traditional framework of sake categories. Sake used to have an alcohol percentage lower than what it has today. It was a sake that everyone could savour and pair with food. We will return to that original concept once more, to a sake made unhindered by categories.

Raw rice: Shun Ideha from Yamagata Prefecture ■ Rice polishing rate: Private ■ Alcohol content: 13 degrees ■ Sake degree: Private ■ Acidity: Private

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