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Kabutomushi Summer

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"Sentori Kabutomushi" is a 50% Yamada Nishiki sake prepared separately for summer sake.

The liquor in the transparent bottle is slightly golden in color, and looks like the sweet honey of the beetle's favorite food.

"Senkin-ness" can be seen and hidden in the lightness and sourness of the summer limited edition.

It is a low-alcohol liquor with an alcohol content of 14%, but it is light and has a strong presence.

It is finished in such a "Senkin" taste.

The sweet and sour taste goes very well with dishes such as pork with oil.

Sweet and sour ■ Raw rice: Domaine Sakura Yamada Nishiki ■ Rice polishing rate: Jiuqu: 50% Kake: 60% ■ Alcohol content: 14% ■ SMV: Private ■ Acidity: Private

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