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Hachibei 88 nights Junmai Sake

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"Eighty-eight nights Junmai sake" is a water-based sake that is rich in flavour but cool and entertaining due to its balance.

The scent rising from the glass has a youthful green botanical image and sweet nuances like honey. The sweet scent like vanilla blends with the green notes like green grass to give a floral feeling like jasmine, and further spreads the refreshing fruit feeling like green apple. A slight cinnamon-like sweet spice is hinted at in the depths of a pleasant scent as a light accent. It has a rich aroma that makes you expect a mellow taste while being refreshing and light.

[Rice used: Jiuqu] Yamada Nishiki 60% polished rice and Gohyakumangoku 60% polished rice
[Alcohol content] 15 %
[Yeast used] Private
[Sake degree] Private
[Acidity] Private

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